SecuX – XSEED Plus

Stainless Steel Seed Phrase Storage & Punch Set Store your seed phrase on stainless steel with precision to protect your assets using our award-winning solution. • Offline • Hot wallet OK • Waterproof • Cold wallet OK • Fireproof • Engraver • Tamper-proof • Protective case • Steel punch set & guide


Unhackable Offline Storage

Store your seed phrase offline, off the radar and out of reach from hackers and attackers on the internet.

Multiple seed phrase capacity

X-SEED Plus can store up to 96 words
= 8 sets of 12-word seed phrase
= 4 sets of 24-word seed phrase

Compatible with Hot and Cold wallets


You can stamp English letters with a hammer and steel punch set to record your recovery words.


Use the engraver to write down your recovery words in the correct order on the aluminum sheet.


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